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Echt Center History/Information

Robert Echt

Simply Extraordinary:

The Teacher, the Colleague, the Friend
Words inadequate to describe
The most positive person I ever met;
Yet - all true, all simultaneously apply

I was never privileged to be a close friend,
Only a colleague and pupil
Benefactor of his work and hiker
Along a path found well marked and cleared.

Thank you, Bob - for being the gentle guide,
For leading without lecturing
For being an altruist, not an egotist -
Radiating a light that your fellow faculty shared.

You have quietly and ably
Elevated the definition of:
Teacher, Colleague, and Friend.
By not being ordinary - Simply extraordinary.

The Robert Echt Student Computing and Learning Resource Center, named in memory of Robert Echt is the Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine's student computing and learning resource facility open to students enrolled in the College of Human Medicine's M.D. degree granting program. It is housed in a new facility that opened at the end of August 1999.

The Echt Center has 45 Windows workstations, as well as high speed networked laser printers. All are connected to their own local area network in addition to the MSU backbone to the internet. All students can send and receive e-mail, do literature searches, as well as browse the Internet. Software installed on the computers is accessible via server and range from course specific and required to general word processing. The lab is open seven days a week during the academic school year. The lab is located in A-137 Clinical Center on Service Road of the MSU campus. The phone number is (517)353-1848.

The Echt Center is now a combined computing and resource facility for the college. In addition to 45 computer workstations, the Center also houses non-computerized resources like print and audio/visual materials. There are 6 multi-media workstations with videotape players and monitors, and Caramate slide projectors. There is also a graphic workstation for students and faculty setup with a scanner and graphics software. The Center also houses 2 copy machines for student use for a nominal charge per copy.