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Echt Center Policies

Who can user the Echt Center?

The Echt Center is a private access lab funded by the Dean of College of Human Medicine exclusively for use by current enrolled students in the:

  • College of Human Medicine
  • College of Osteopathic Medicine

Priority will be given to CHM students doing required class activities or programs recommended for use in course syllabi.

Faculty: The primary use by faculty should be for reviewing computer based materials that could be used in classes conducted for CHM/COM students. Computer use such as email, word processing, data entry, statistical analysis, etc. should be done on computers provided by the faculty member's department.

*** Use by children, spouses, or significant others of CHM or COM students is not permitted.

Student Email Lists

Student email lists are maintained for the purpose of distributing official announcements to students. Students may use these lists to make announcements that are of general interest to students and faculty. Messages of a private nature such as announcements of items for sale or rent should not be sent via these lists. Using these lists to send anonymous messages is prohibited. Political points of view, in the broadest sense are prohibited.

Personal File Storage

There is not enough space on our servers for students to save personal files. Save your work to your own personal storage device.

For private storage, you need to use the MSU AFS space available to you or a personal storage device.

Assistance from Lab Monitors

Center monitors will be happy to help you with program difficulties you encounter in the lab. To the extent they can, monitors will assist with other computer and software related questions. If they are unable to assist you, you will be directed to the MSU Computer Store consultants at (517)432-6200 between the hours of 8:30 and 4:30 Mon-Fri.

We also appreciate your patience while we are attending to other students.

It is possible that we will not be able to answer your question immediately and need to consult manuals or staff. Thank you for your cooperation.


All printing in the Echt and Kobiljak Labs are monitored. The Centers do not charge for printing 1,500 pages per semester. After this, there is a charge of 5 cents per page to help offset the cost of printing. In order to keep any print jobs from consuming the printers for an inordinate amount of time, there is a 50 page limit per print job and 3 copy limit per job. If your print job is over 50 pages, you will need to split the print job. Please try to use the print preview feature whenever possible to avoid printing multiple draft copies of your document. The printers are set to print duplex (2-sided) by default.

Food and Beverages

Open containers of food and beverages are not permitted in the ECHT Center. Please leave them outside of the Center on the table provided.

Noise Levels

The Center is a facility much like a library with respect to noise levels. Discussions should be kept to a minimum or conducted outside of the lab. Monitors have been asked to politely enforce this policy. Please respect your fellow students by keeping the Center a quiet place to study.

Resource Checkout

  • Books and printed materials may be checked out for 3 hours.
  • Video tapes may be checked for 1 hour. They may not be checked out for home or overnight.

Extended Borrowing Time:
If a user needs extra time they may call or come into the Echt Center to see if the item is in high demand. If the item is not in demand, the user may borrow the material for an additional 2 hours (all types of materials). The overdue policy will be enforced for the second check-out period.

Overdue Items

Failure to return items on time will initiate restrictions of borrowing privileges.
Each user will be allowed a total of three overdue incidents prior to losing borrowing privileges entirely.
1st incident: Verbal warning that privileges will be restricted.
2nd incident: One day suspension of borrowing privileges.
3rd incident: One week suspension of borrowing privileges.
4th incident: Suspension of borrowing privileges for the remainder of the semester.

If you have any questions or concerns about these policies or need help in anyway, please see our contact page for more information.